Barton Street Lofts were developed to make European-style and a sense of community available to lower-income residents in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle.  The dense development on three former single-family lots encircles a 2,500-square-foot courtyard with a carport in the alley behind the townhouses. The project features gated trellis entries from the street into the courtyard, and private front door porches facing the street. The courtyard has a water feature, large trees for privacy, paving stones, benches and paths, and park-style barbecue grills. Winner of the Seattle Times Future Shack award. With Joseph Hurley, architect.

Client: William Parks, developer
Location: Seattle, WA

Award: FUTURE SHACK 2010: Homes for a Lifetime of Living
Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest • September 11, 2010

All photos: Andrew Buchanan