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Seward Park Playground

Seattle, Washington

Design through construction administration

Completed 2010


Seward Park Playground Improvement Foundation and Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

"Spectacular and innovative"
- Seattle Parks Foundation

"A masterpiece that is arguably one of the crown jewels of Seattle’s public spaces"
- Parent Map Magazine

"Probably the best playground in Seattle"
- Seattle Parks Project Manager.

Johnson+Southerland worked with Seattle Parks and the Seward Park community to develop a beautiful and unique playground for Seward Park, one of Seattle’s 3 largest parks. With its 3-mile shoreline, developed parkland and undeveloped native forest, Seward Park attracts region-wide visitors, especially during special events in the summer. Seward Park also draws an local users from one of the most ethnically and socio-economically diverse neighborhoods in the United States. The playground fits into the forest/parkland interface and introduces children to forest exploration themes. The playground design had to navigate being a component of an historic Olmsted Park, shoreline and wildlife issues, and fit into a challenging site. The playground design was developed through a public engagement process that addressed the concerns and interests of a variety of interest groups, including the Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks and the adjacent Audubon Center.