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Rainier Beach Playground Renovation

Seattle, Washington

Public process and design through construction administration

Completed spring 2014


Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Although the Rainier Beach Playground is in a "superblock" surrounded by schools and a brand new community center, it is underused and suffers from a lack of visibility, lack of accessibility, outdated play equipment and deteriorating surfaces. The renovation project aims to make the playground more useable and appealing by renovating the tennis courts and lighting, replacing the existing path with new, accessible paving, replacing existing play equipment and adding furnishings. Since the surrounding schools have playgrounds designed for young children, this one is designed with challenging equipment for older kids, including a "par course" and Seattle's longest zip line, and fitness equipment aimed at adults. We consulted with a local outdoor fitness club to understand how best to support fitness activities with built in benches and steps for step ups, push-ups, etc., and with a kiosk for fitness program instructions and challenges. Stormwater will be managed on site in an 80-foot long rainwater planter and with a raingarden. Concrete and tile wayfinding "drums" will stand as gateways and path markers, creating a sense of identity and visibility for the playground.