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Othello Park

Seattle, Washington

Public process and design through construction administration

Completed 2012


Othello Park Alliance and Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Othello Park lies in the middle of one of the most diverse zip codes in the United States with a population is said to have possibly doubled or tripled in the past ten years. The neighborhood is undergoing tremendous changes with a new light rail station a block away and new multi-family developments springing up along the west side of the park. Historically, Othello Park has been an underused resource. J+S worked with Parks, Police, and community members to create a safe, inviting, vibrant, well lit and active park for the neighborhood to enjoy. We used Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts and worked with the community to ensure both the reality and perception of safety in the park. Elements of the design include a revamping park lighting, managing vegetation for sightlines, improved display of folk-art themed artwork, and generally activating the park through the creation of welcoming entries, improved walking loops, expansion of the play area, and a stage that can be used for the traditional summer music festival and events all year long. Neighbors report increased use and a rising general sense of pride in their park.