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Cheasty Greenspace at Mountainview

Seattle, Washington

Master plan, detailed implementation plans, volunteer supervision

Completed in phases between 2010 - 2013


Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View and Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Johnson+Southerland helped Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View (CGMV) develop a plan for restoration and public access to this 10-acre patch of urban forest. The community mobilized to transform a space that was choked with invasive plants and trash and harbored criminal activity into a community treasure. The native plants have rebounded to make a beautiful community resource as well as a healthy plant and animal habitat. Implemented in phases, mostly by community volunteers, the trail system supports both recreation and public transportation by creating a pedestrian link between the neighborhoods on top of Beacon Hill to the new Light Rail station at its base.

The development of CGMV has been wonderful for community building. In addition to the many neighbors and families who have helped to work on and enjoy the space, local organizations serving immigrant and low-income urban youth have been using the forest for recreation, exploration, and scientific and artistic exercises. Crime on streets adjacent to CGMV has dropped dramatically since the community reclaimed this space.