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Greenbridge/Seola Gardens

Landscape Maintenance Master Plan

Seattle, Washington

SCOPE: facilitation and master plan


SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable maintenance plan for general and GSI landscapes.

CLIENT: King County Housing Authority

Greenbridge/Seola Gardens is King County Housing Authority's showcase mixed income community development in White Center, on a 180-acre housing development including a commercial and service district, a school and 11 parks. Administrators were frustrated at the deterioration of the award-winning landscape and the lack of carry-through between the original design intent and ongoing maintenance. J+S developed a landscape maintenance master plan that addresses a wide range of issues such as plant replacement, weed control, tree health, best mulching practices and pruning as well as basics such as mowing, watering and fertilizing schedules. We invited a panel of experts in soil, plant health, maintenance and irrigation to weigh in on the plan. The plan has resulted in a landscape that is healthier, more attractive and has stabilized to a more sustainable and manageable status. Irrigation auditing has resulted in significant savings. Key to the success of the plan was thorough communication and buy-in among all stakeholders. The document presents landscape goals in words and images understandable by all. It defines the responsibilities of participants, a decision making protocol, specific solutions, guidelines for independent decision-making, and a schedule for implementation. It has become a durable reference for all levels of participants, from administrators to landscape workers. Johnson+Southerland continues to be involved with this project on twice-yearly landscape evaluations.