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Redmond Garden Cottages

Redmond, Washington

Schematic design

Estimated $1.6 million

Private owner

Johnson+Southerland explored the idea of converting a suburban Redmond home and adjacent pasture into a neighbor-friendly community of cottage homes around a central green and garden.

We carried out site analysis, site planning and schematic cottage designs. The project envisioned 8-10 small cottages (800-1000 square feet each) with a future phase providing an additional 8-10 cottages connected by a p-patch garden. Planned site amenities included detached group parking, several distinct garden areas, large existing trees, a work shop and guest parking.

The project is intended to be "deep green", embracing locally sourced and recycled materials, natural ventilation and light, rainwater harvesting, green storm water infrastructure such as raingardens and food gardening as a central feature.