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Barton Street Lofts

Seattle, Washington

Landscape Architect:
Joseph Hurley Architects

Design through construction administration

Completed 2010

William Parks, developer

FUTURE SHACK 2010: Homes for a Lifetime of Living

Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest - September 11, 2010

Barton Street Lofts were developed to make European-style and a sense of community available to lower-income residents in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle. The dense development on three former single-family lots encircles a 2,500-square-foot courtyard with a carport in the alley behind the townhouses. The project was influenced by Italian hill towns, where homes were built close together and engaged with their surroundings. The project features gated trellis entries from the street into the courtyard, and private front door porches facing the street. The courtyard has a water feature, large trees for privacy, paving stones, benches and paths, and park-style barbecue grills. Winner of the Seattle Times Future Shack award.