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Our mission is to promote healthy relationships between people and the physical world, using the following concepts:

Function. Function means understanding our clients, their unique identities and their needs. We work hard at the beginning of a project to make sure we understand what it will take to make a landscape or building work perfectly for the people who will use it. Function includes aesthetic as well as operational goals.

Comfort. By design, placement and material selection, we create comfortable environments for people to work, play and relax. Comfort brings pleasure and relaxation, but also stimulates people to be more creative and productive and to enjoy their physical world.

Environmental health. We believe in stepping lightly on the earth and optimizing environmental functions in every project. We are LEED qualified professionals and champion the LEED process. Our collaboration between architects and landscape architects produces superior site planning that is respectful and supportive of nature and natural processes.

Expression. In the modern tradition, we believe that design expression is not arbitrary but grows out of our priorities for function, comfort and environmental health, and in projecting the client’s identity or mission.

Engagement. We want people to notice and be engaged with their environment. Buildings are well-integrated with the landscape. Sequences of landscape events—a gathering area, secluded places to sit, view points, thresholds, interpretive feature and focal points--draw people into contact with nature.